Shall we?

5 Go Mad in Singers

It was just before Christmas 2013 when my husband came home from work and said those immortal words: “They want me to move to Singapore.”

They being his company.

Me being all of us.

Having covered that part of the world for years it had always been a possibility – and one that I’d been secretly hoping for. We, as a family, had visited Singapore many times. Either accompanying my husband on a work trip and tagging a holiday on the end or as a stopover to Thailand or Oz.

We all loved the place.

Loved the smell of it, the feel of it, the amazing skyline. I even liked the ‘big brotherness’ of it. I’d often joked to my eldest Son that we’d move there some day.

But actually doing it… Now that was different.

My immediate reaction was yes, let’s do it. I’m a firm believer in you…

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