So, by the time you read this I will be on my way back from a whistle stop trip back ‘home’ to the UK. If you read it before then I’ve really messed up the whole thing and let the cat out the bag.

PLEASE don’t say that’s happened.

You see, I’m going back to surprise my dad. It’s his 70th birthday and, well, you know, sometimes these things need to be done.

I’m going (have gone – ooh, will be mixing my tenses all over the place today) ON MY OWN. Gulp!

Now, I love travelling on my own so that’s not the reason for my throatal description. It’s just that I have a certain little girl in my life who has not quite as settled as we’d hoped. So, it’s been a bit tricky deciding to leave her. Albeit it for just a few days. Also, my parents are actually coming out to see us for Christmas.

So, no, I don’t HAVE to go.

But, it’s his 70th for goodness sake and I know he’ll want me there. Now that’s not to say he wouldn’t be very happy with the party minus moi. After all, my two sisters will do a splendid job making sure he is spoilt rotten. But, my mum, sisters and I had planned the party before Five Go Mad had even decided to bugger off to the dot. So, I was supposed to be there. Well, all five of us were supposed to be there.

To be honest, a friend who recently got ‘the dreaded phone call’ helped me make up my mind. As any expat will tell you, the hardest thing about this life is the worry that something will happen to someone back home. As my friend said, when something that awful happens you really do remind yourself to seize the day. So seize I have/did.

It also helped that we had a return flight booked – which we were not going to be able to use. So, I’ve actually saved us money really.

I’m going to my dad’s party and that’s that. (Yes, I’m stamping my foot too!)

No one knows apart from one friend in the UK who has very kindly offered to get up at some ungodly hour to pick me up. Oh, and a handful of friends here, who have had to put up with me worrying and fretting about leaving the kids.

I’ve also been worrying about who I’ll get to see in the few days I’m there. Obviously my direct family I’ll see as much as possible. The rest of the family – and it’s a BIG family, I do believe I’ve got third and fourth cousins – will be at the party so that’s handy. But, what about my friends? Will I get a chance to see them? Will they be really offended if I don’t? Will they even care?

I know the first thing my mum is going to ask is “Where are the kids?”  She will also probably question who they’re with (she forgets they have a fully grown dad); have they got food in the house? (she forgets he can leave the house to visit a supermarket – or, more likely, a restaurant); do I think they will be ok on their ‘own’? (she forgets they do actually quite like their dad and he will be there).

But it’s not about my mum – or the kids. It’s about my dad. Sometimes, in life, you really do need to just do it. Say yes. Make an impulsive decision. Book the flight.

What’s the worst that can happen I say?

Well, dear readers. We’ll see eh?

surprise-jpg-w300h104Oh, and happy birthday Dad! Hope you like/liked the surprise?



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